Russia Security Sector Conference

Hosted at the central London offices of risk consultancy specialists Control Risks, this conference, held in conjunction with Varega’s partners Major Event International, examined the growing opportunities represented by the Russian security sector.

An impressive line-up of speakers, most of whom had first-hand experience of operating in Russia, highlighted both the particularities of doing business in that region, but also the relative ease of achieving growth, especially now that the country will be hosting a number of major international events in the coming years – such as the 2014 Winter Oympics in Sochi.

Attendees also enjoyed the opportunity to network with representatives of specialist security companies, as well as experts in marketing to Russia and the CIS countries. While establishing a local presence in these countries is less difficult than it may have been in the past, it still remains more complicated and costly than in many other countries. The generally shared opinion was that cooperating with local partners - be they distributors, added-value retailers or agents - still remains an excellent strategy to enter the market.