Channeltivity Announces Enhanced Integration with Data API

With its October release, Channeltivity has announced the availability of their data API interface, which will allow integrators to connect Channeltivity PRM (Partner Relationship Management) solutions to other systems (such as CMR, accounting, BI, etc…) within their organisations. 


Other important features included in the release:


-      System message widgets: put alert posts on the portal home page of your partners, to indicate for example that an MDF fund is about to expire, or an action on a Sales Lead is overdue.


-      Attach files to Business Plans: it is now possible to attach relevant files, such as revenue projections or presentations, to any Business Plan created for any Partner.


The release also comes with improved functionality in the Forum module, as well as in other areas.


For more about PRM or Channeltivity version 4.5.1., contact us.