Are Social Media Really Social ?

Digital marketing and social media are now common place, and at Varega we increasingly rely on them for our own communications.


However, finding UK b2b exhibitions and conferences focused on these themes seems much more difficult. There are plenty of events that address mass marketing and b2c business, but as partner relationship management specialists our interest is really in the former sector.


Having carried out detailed research we were eventually able to unearth a number of relevant events in London. We are pleased to share our results with you here but would also be interested to hear your opinions: are you familiar with, or have you attended these events ? What is your opinion of them ? Are there any other events you might like to recommend ?


We would be delighted to hear from you.


iStrategy (istrategyconference.comA conference covering various campaign techniques and insights.


Momentum ( Another conference focusing on ‘domain strategy’: a highly technical and complex issue that is relevant to all businesses, but probably will be of most interest to larger organisations.


AdTech ( An exhibition with conference attached.A  broad and rich programme covering mobile, SEO, big data etc…


On the digital edge ( Mainly career-focused with insights into several ‘hot topics’.


Digital Bytes ( – A local series of networking / conference-type monthly events focusing on case studies.