Channeltivity Releases Salesforce CRM/PRM Synchronisation

In a bid to further improve PRM’s (Partner Relationship Management) versatility, Channeltivity has developed a new tool allowing synchronisation with the well known CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, Salesforce. This will provide significant benefits, as running PRM and CRM alongside each other is frequently required, due to their complementarity. 


Indeed, they have much in common and it is not unusual that organisation and contact details are stored in both systems. Relying on manual data entry and updates can be time consuming and frustrating: that is the reason why Channeltivity has dedicated its efforts to the development of a fully automated synchronisation feature.


The sync is bi-directional, meaning that any change made to data in Channeltivity would be replicated in Salesforce, or vice-versa. This feature applies equally to partners and contacts, and it has been developed on Channeltivity’s API interface without any additional installation requirement on Salesforce’s side. It allows the option to select which entries are covered by the synchronisation process, and enable users to define their own field mapping, which even apply to custom fields.


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