Moving Business into the Cloud

Jason Jacobs, CEO of Channeltivity, addressed an audience of sales and marketing directors of technology focused companies, incuding many within the software sector, in a speech delivered last month and covered on Microsoft´s Channel 9  (follow URL to see his full interview).


Channeltivity, who specialises in marketing tools, is an excellent example of a company which has a clear strategy when it comes to developing its customers and market.

Its success is based on its constant monitoring of trends and customers´ expectations. They focus on a range of factors influencing what Jason Jacobs considers to be their most important single indicator:Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

This has lead Channeltivity to make the drastic decision to invest in marketing and sales automation, dedicating up to 25% of their entire budget for the purpose. 

Results have come quickly: by investing in these areas, they know their market better, they are able to capture high quality feedback from their clients and quickly adapt their approach to the latest trends, thus converting information into sales.