Pan European Exports

The Background

Company J is an Asian manufacturer of consumables primarily used for printing labels and packaging. The company is a technological leader in its field, with a revenue just under £100 million and a head count under 500 employees. The company already sells in Europe through an locally based subsidiary whose role is to develop business through several specialist sales channels, including converters, distributors and OEM’s.

The Opportunity

While company J is market leader in Asia, its market share has been historically limited in Europe. Company J potential markets spread across Europe, but some territories such as France, Spain, Russia, or Central Europe have never been properly covered. In addition some channels are distinctly weak and under-represented in the pool of existing partners.

The Challenge

Company J has to face the competition of its Asian and American rivals but also local manufacturers, whose resources are more focused on their close territories. Company J has also to ensure extensive key customer account management, in varied cultural and market contexts. Finally basic marketing elements and product management activities are supplied by the HQ’s teams, but those need to be adapted to meet the requirements of European markets.


We offer a solution addressing all areas needed by the customer for a successful Pan-European sales and marketing programme:

- Our multilingual staff are able to research markets, attend trade shows to identify prospects and initiate contacts. They can organise country visit, appoint new partners and follow their development on a daily basis

- Our principals are able to interact with OEM’s and key customer at Management level, often large multinational organisations, communicate on strategic issues affecting the industry, and overview the implementation of global supply agreements.

- New product introductions and other marketing related activities are covered within dedicated services supported by ad-hoc task-forces.

The Results

Company J can rely on a strong and expert partner for the implementation of its commercial strategy. It is confident that a team of varied competence and skills is adequately allocated to each set of actions. It benefits from a structure fit to address the challenges of the complex European market, without increasing the cost of its local operations’ overheads.