Since 2006, Varega Ltd. is a company specialising in strategic business development services.

Strategic business development, as we understand it, can be defined as follows: it refers to B2B, high added-value business; it may consist in a one-off contract and supply or a frame agreement leading to re-occurring sales, ranging from £100k’s up to millions.

The services we offer cover all key areas of business development, including market intelligence, prospect development, pre-sales, critical negotiations and business strategy consultancy. We operate in the UK and internationally, based on our experience and multi-lingual capabilities.



Why Varega?

Although serving a few large customers is often easier than selling to multiple smaller size clients, the acquisition of strategic customer are a challenge in proportion to the size of the opportunity, requiring experts.

Strategic business development does not necessarily fully benefit from organisations internal skills and competence: the targets may be new sectors or new markets, poorly known to the company.

Commonly used marketing technologies often focus on quantity rather than the quality required to address the challenge poised by strategic customer development

Internal sales resource tend to focus on short term sales rather than prospective sales; moreover, to mitigate risks, they tend to focus on known sectors and customers and smaller opportunities.

Decision making teams are often trans-national: on the other hand, internal sales resource are required to specialise in a specific territory and culture.

In short, the commercial approach inside companies are often suited to low hanging fruits and not to tackle high-end complex prospects.

Commercial Directors mostly focus on management, and do not have enough time for hands-on prospecting activities: when they do, priority is often given to consolidate relationships with existing key customers.

On the other hand, we strongly believe that we are best positioned to address this challenge.



Varega Key Strengths

Our staff has 40+ years combined experience of strategic business development working on behalf of multinational companies (Olympus, ICI, IMI, Morgan Crucible, Straedtler etc...).

We have the expertise to engineer all-encompassing strategic business development approaches and operate them, for our clients.

We are able to communicate and conduct business in 8 languages, and have a sound understanding of local business and cultural practice.

We are flexible and will adapt to the requirements of our clients.

Located in the South East of England, under an hour away from London, we benefit from the local economic dynamism as well as transport and business infrastructures.